Can Iron Ore Be Crushed With Double Roller Crusher?

Can Iron Ore Be Crushed With Double Roller Crusher?

Iron ore is considered a relatively hard material in the ore industry, and the domestic demand for iron ore is also quite large. After processing, these iron ores are widely used in metallurgy, construction, road construction, chemistry and other fields. What kind of crusher should be used for hard iron ore? What I want to introduce to you today is one of the iron ore crushing equipment – the double roll crusher.

Iron ore crushing can use double roll crusher

There are many types of crushers on the market, but the sales volume of double-roll crushers has always been at the forefront. So what is so special about double-roll crushers? Why do users love double-roll crushers so much? Let me introduce to you the unique features of the roller crusher.

1. Good at handling high hardness materials

This crusher is a squeeze crusher, no matter how hard the material is, it will surrender obediently when it comes across it. Handling iron ore, granite, pebbles and other materials is no problem at all.

The roller crusher mainly uses two crushing rollers to process materials. These two rollers are made of high-strength wear-resistant alloy materials. When iron ore enters between the two rollers, it passes through the The direction of the rotating force squeezes and crushes the material, and it is extruded from the discharge button after being squeezed to a suitable particle size.

2. Easy to operate and does not take up space

The double-roll crusher has a small body, its configuration is relatively simple, and it will not feel difficult to operate, and the structure of the double-roll crusher is relatively simple, which greatly reduces the later maintenance costs.

The double-roll crusher does not require secondary crushing, so her powder output rate is low. As long as the distance between the two toothed rollers is adjusted, the material can be crushed. It is formed at one time because its output is relatively uniform.

3. The price is close to the people

The structure of each double-roll crushing machine is standardized, and the equipment can be adjusted according to the production volume and grain type requirements. The two rolls of the double-roller crushing machine are flat roll surface and surfacing roll surface respectively. The crushing work is completed under the action. Compared with other crushers, the price of double-roller crushing is relatively favorable, and UFIDA can solve the dual effects of crushing and sand making with one piece of equipment. Partners who want to produce in large quantities suggest purchasing multiple units to increase production.

Can Iron Ore Be Crushed With Double Roller Crusher?

The process of processing iron ore

Iron ore has to go through the process of screening, crushing, beneficiation and other processes in the process of processing. Some processes are still essential to turn iron ore into usable gold powder. Generally, feeding machines, head crushing, screening, fine crushing, dry selection and other processes are used. What we are going to look at are these essential less process.

1. Screening

Sieving is to separate iron ore of different particle sizes. Larger materials must be processed before entering the second process. During the screening process, the iron ore will be divided into different grades, and some ores that do not meet the regulations will be reprocessed until they are suitable for the next step.

2. Crushing

Crushing is to crush iron ore with different shapes and sizes into beautiful and convenient materials. After coarse crushing, medium crushing, and fine crushing, the iron ore is further utilized.

3. Mineral dressing

Mineral dressing is to select useful components in iron ore. There are many methods to choose in this process: magnetic separation and water washing can be used. After this process is completed, the iron ore processing process is completed and can be effectively utilized.



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