Common fault analysis of fine sand recycling machine

Common fault analysis of fine sand recycling machine

One of the problems faced by the current mechanism sand production is the serious loss of fine sand, and some even more than 20%. This not only causes loss to the enterprise and environmental pollution, but also affects the sand gradation, the fineness modulus is too coarse, and the quality is reduced. Therefore, the importance of fine sand recycling machine is self-evident. However, it is inevitable to encounter a variety of problems in production that affect production. Today, the editor will summarize 13 common faults and solutions of recycling machines for everyone.

1. Sudden decrease in sand volume or sand leakage

If it is found that the amount of fine sand recovery is significantly reduced or a small amount of sand leakage is found during operation, it is necessary to check whether the screen is broken or the bolts fixing the screen are loose. Then in the face of this situation, its solution is to change the screen or tighten the bolts.

2. Frame vibration

After the recycling machine has been working for a period of time, in the constant vibration, the bolts on the connecting frame are loose or the bolts on the bearing seat are loose. The solution is to tighten the bolts and check them carefully.

3. Noise at work

When you find that the transmission is noisy, it’s the gear pitch changes caused by the gears. The general solution to this problem is to add enough grease, and at the same time adjust and tighten the anchor bolts of the reducer.

In addition, the damaged bearing and the breakage of the screen carriage will also produce noise, and the bearing or screen carriage needs to be replaced at this time.

4. The vacuum high pressure pump is blocked

Generally, there are debris in the mud. Be careful not to let the excessive debris enter the mud. The outlet of the dewatering screen is directly connected to the feed port of the fine sand recovery machine, which can prevent debris from entering the high-pressure pump during work.

5. Material deviation

The reasons for the deviation of the material may be: 1) Two motors run in the same direction; 2) One of the motors is damaged. At this time, the following measures can be taken: 1) Adjust any two-phase wiring of one motor to make the two motors run in reverse; 2) Replace the damaged motor.

6. Horizontal swing of screen machine

The reasons may be: 1) The angle of the eccentric block at both ends of the vibration source is different; 2) The spring is uneven or damaged. Take corresponding measures: 1) Adjust the eccentric blocks at both ends of the vibration source in the same phase and at the same angle; 2) Replace or select the spring.

7. The screen machine does not start

Reasons: (1) The power line is blocked; (2) The motor card group; (3) The restriction with other equipment.

Solution: (1) Check whether the three-phase power supply is out of phase; (2) Eliminate the card group; (3) Eliminate the restriction.

8. The pump does not produce water

When the pump does not produce water, check whether the water inlet pipeline is leaking or blocked, and then repair the leaking part or clean the blocked part.

9. Reducer failure

If the shaft of the fine sand recovery machine and the low-speed shaft of the reducer do not reach the specified parallelism in time, it is very easy to cause damage to the gear, so it is necessary to refuel and adjust it in time according to the specified time to make it run normally.

Common fault analysis of fine sand recycling machine

10. Sealing ring failure

The damage of the sealing ring or the loss of oil will easily damage the bearing parts. The reason for this failure is that there is no maintenance and cleaning for a long time, so it is necessary to refuel according to the regulations and replace the sealing ring in time.

11. Body damage

Although the machine is made of iron, it also needs to be cared for. I would like to remind everyone to do timely and effective maintenance and maintenance, so that the equipment can have as few problems as possible and prolong its service life.

12. Bearings are easily damaged

The appearance of this phenomenon is a serious problem, which indicates that the oil of the equipment bearing has been cut off or the sealing ring has been damaged by unknown factors, or it may be caused by a long-term lack of repair and maintenance. Replace the new seal ring, clean and maintain the bearing regularly.

13. The power supply is burned out

The main reason may be that water will splash out during the working of the recycling machine, so be sure to cover the power supply with something before starting the machine, so as not to burn out due to the water entering and not work properly.

The loss of fine sand not only affects economic benefits, but also affects the gradation of sand, resulting in unreasonable gradation, coarse fineness modulus, and reduced product quality of machine-made sand. Therefore, it is particularly critical to ensure a high recovery rate of the fine sand recovery machine. In the production process of machine-made sand, special attention should be paid to the above-mentioned common faults to prevent them from affecting economic benefits.



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