How to improve the production efficiency of jaw crusher

jaw crusher

How to improve the production efficiency of jaw crusher?

First, material selection

1) choose soft instead of hard

Jaw crushers crush materials by extrusion. Generally speaking, the harder the ore, the greater the compressive strength, the harder it is to crush. On the contrary, the lower the hardness of the ore, the higher the production efficiency will be.

2) Choose dry or not wet

Although the humidity of the material has little effect on the crushing, when there is a lot of mud or fine ore in the material, the fine-grained material will stick to the coarse-grained material, which will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of ore discharge, reduce the efficiency, and even cause discharge in severe cases. The mine mouth is blocked, affecting the normal operation of the machine.

3) Choose a large specific gravity instead of a small one

The specific gravity of the ore is directly proportional to the crushing efficiency, the larger the specific gravity, the higher the production efficiency.

4) Choose high instead of low for cleavage

Cleavage refers to the nature of mineral crystals cracking into a smooth plane in a certain direction under the action of external force. According to the ease of crystal cracking into a smooth cleavage surface under the action of external force, it can be divided into five levels: extremely complete cleavage, Completely cleaved, moderately cleaved, incompletely cleaved, and very incompletely cleaved.

Very complete cleavage, the mineral is easily cracked into thin slices under the action of external force; very incomplete cleavage, the mineral is extremely difficult to appear cleavage surface after being subjected to external force.

Choose the ore with well-developed cleavage, and the crushing efficiency of the mining machine will undoubtedly be higher.

How to improve the production efficiency of jaw crusher

Second, machine selection

1) Specifications and dimensions

The materials that each user needs to process are different, and the needs are bound to be different. Only by choosing the right model and specification can the processing be done more efficiently. For example, if you are using the PE-200×300 model (the feed size can only reach 180mm), but you have to process 300mm material, this is obviously inappropriate, not only the output will not increase, but the machine will also be damaged.

2) Broken particle size

Jaw crushers are generally used for coarse and medium crushing of hard and medium hard rocks. The larger the size of the crushed material, the crushing ratio that the crusher needs to achieve (the ratio of the particle size of the material before crushing to the particle size of the material after crushing) The larger the value, the lower the production efficiency; on the contrary, the production efficiency is increased.

3) The speed of the crusher

According to the test, under given working conditions, the production efficiency of the crusher increases with the increase of the speed. Power consumption does not change much with the increase of speed until full load production rate is reached, but after full load production rate is reached, and the speed is increased, the power consumption will increase sharply. Before full load productivity, you can choose as high a speed as possible.

4) Speed of eccentric shaft

The eccentric shaft rotates once, and the movable jaw swings back and forth once, the first half circle breaks the material, and the second half circle unloads the material. Therefore, appropriately increasing the rotational speed of the eccentric shaft is conducive to improving the efficiency of material crushing. However, it should be noted that if the speed is too high, the crushed materials will not be discharged out of the discharge port in time, resulting in blockage.

How to improve the production efficiency of jaw crusher

Finally, the feeding method

1) Design formula of feeding port

Many people will take the measured feed opening size as the feed size, which is wrong. The correct feeding size should be: feeding size = (1.1~1.15) × raw material particle size. Adding materials of unsuitable size for a long time will easily cause the cavity to be blocked, and the machine has to be stopped for repairing.

2) Control the feeding amount

As the saying goes, haste makes waste. In order to increase production capacity, blindly remodeling the feeding bin and excessive feeding will not only fail to improve efficiency, but will also cause material accumulation, which is too late to be broken, and it is too late to remove the broken material. Blocking the discharge port is often not worth the candle. .

3) Feeding direction

At present, most of the feeding methods are end chute feeding, and 2/3 of the whole feeding machine is even exposed outside the warehouse. Due to the remote feeding port, the feeding machine has completely become a vibrating chute, which is easy to wear the machine , shorten the life of the machine. When the wear is serious, you can change the feeding direction, or strictly set the feeding position at the top 1/3 range to achieve the desired effect.

4) Angle setting

The size of the discharge opening of the crusher is directly related to the bite angle and crushing ratio of the crusher. Within the allowable range, if the ore discharge port is appropriately increased, the nibbling angle and crushing ratio will be reduced, and the productivity will be increased. On the contrary, if the ore discharge port is reduced, the biting angle and crushing ratio will increase, and the productivity will decrease.



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