Impact crusher installation details

Impact crusher installation details

GBM company specializes in the production of various crushing equipment, including jaw crusher equipment, impact crusher, hammer crusher. Today, let’s talk about the commissioning of the impact crusher after installation.

1. The impact crusher has been leveled before leaving the factory, and users generally do not need to carry out a balance test. A balanced configuration is required when replacing the hammer and rotor components.

2. The installation of the main machine of the impact crusher should be balanced, the horizontal error of the main shaft should be less than 1mm/m, the main and driven wheels should be on the same plane, moderately adjust the belt tightness, and fix the motor.

3. It is necessary to check whether the installation position of each component is moved or deformed, lock all the bolts, and check whether the seal is available.

4. Check the wiring and fastening of the electrical box of the crusher, adjust the delay relay and overload protector, connect the circuit, test the rotation of the motor, and select the appropriate fuse.

5. Check whether the hydraulic system of the impact crusher is reliable and whether there is leakage.

The impact crusher is assembled by the manufacturer and supplied as a complete set. After the user receives the machine, he should check and inventory the equipment to eliminate the damage caused during transportation. The installer should be familiar with the structure, performance and technical requirements of this product. They understand the necessary operating practices and develop proper installation procedures in advance. Lifting equipment with sufficient lifting capacity is required at the installation site. Before installing the equipment, carefully check the reserved space for the equipment foundation and the coordinate positions of the reserved holes for the anchor bolts. These shall be in accordance with the general equipment drawings and the provisions concerning basic design data. The vertical and horizontal reference coordinates of the device (vertical and horizontal curves) are the centerline of the device and the axis of the rotor, respectively. The difference between the center position of each reserved space and the reserved holes for the anchor bolts shall not be greater than 10mm. The installation surface of the impact crusher body is required to be straight. The intersection surface of the vehicle body and the foundation shall not leak dust. The anchor bolts should be tightened repeatedly. The lower part of the foundation should have enough space for the installation and maintenance of the conveying equipment. Vibration-absorbing material should be filled between the equipment and the foundation.

The position of impact crusher and motor can be arranged left and right. Regular products are located on the left side of the main unit. Any changes must be notified to the supplier at the time of ordering. When installing, replacing or adjusting the blow bars, pay attention to the weighing of the blow bars. The weight difference of the blow bars in the symmetrical position should be controlled to a minimum. Check the clearance between the lower edge of the bumper plate and the upper part of the blow bar before first start-up and after long periods of operation. The method is as follows: Rotate the rotor by hand so that the gap between the front counter-attack frame and the air hammer is twice the width of the gap between the rear counter-attack frame and the air hammer. Special Note: Newly installed hammers sometimes have radial tandem clearance on the rotor. Therefore, after the new machine is used for the first time (or the new fan is replaced), it must be ensured that the gap width between the impact frame and the fan is not less than 20mm to ensure that the fan and the rear impact frame will not collide. After using for a period of time, the user can adjust the gap between the rear counterattack frame and the blow bar according to the needs of use. In order to prevent the impact crusher from being damaged by foreign objects, a hopper should be installed on the casing. Likewise, the chute from the crushed material to the belt conveyor should also be installed in the lower part of the crusher outlet.

Impact crusher installation details

Preparation for trial operation

1. Check and confirm that there is no metal residue on the body of the crusher.

2. Check whether all fastening parts are locked.

3. Check that each access door is sealed. Before each door is closed, apply a thick layer of grease to the outer edge of the door to make the door more airtight after closing.

4. Check whether there is an appropriate amount of grease in the bearing.

No-load operation

1. Before starting the motor for trial operation, it is recommended to perform a manual start test to confirm that there is no abnormal noise, and then start with no load.

2. The no-load trial operation must follow the principle of jog first and then continuous, and no-load trial operation shall be carried out after confirming that there is no abnormal noise.

3. The machine is required to run smoothly when idling, without abnormal vibration and sound. The continuous time of the dry running test is not less than 2 hours, the bearing temperature is stable, and its temperature rise does not exceed 30 °C.

Load test run of impact crusher The load test run can only be carried out after the no-load test run of the machine is normal. The continuous time of load trial operation shall not be less than 4 hours. The feeding impact crusher must use the feeding device to feed the material uniformly and continuously, and wait for the crushed material to be distributed over the entire length of the working part of the rotor. This not only ensures the production capacity, but also avoids the phenomenon of material blocking and stuffing, and prolongs the service life of the machine. The electrical control system of the feeding device shall be interlocked with the electrical control system of the crusher. When the crusher is overloaded, the conveyor belt can automatically cut off the power supply and stop feeding. The feeding work should be stopped every time the crusher stops. After the material in the crushing chamber is completely crushed, the power supply can be cut off and the machine will stop. After the load trial operation is completed, the staff should check the fastening of all connecting bolts and anchor bolts, the positioning of the blow bar and the fixing of the lining plate, and make necessary adjustments.



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