Key points of jaw crusher installation process

Key points of jaw crusher installation process

Jaw crusher is currently the most commonly used head crushing equipment in sand making plants. As long as it is not directly accessible to counterattack, cone, and heavy hammer, it will basically be used. So, what are the installation points of the main components of such a common jaw crusher? Let’s take a look together.

Key points of installation process of six major components

1. Main points of rack installation process

The jaw crusher vibrates greatly during operation, so when installing the frame, you can place some cushions between the cement foundation and the frame, such as rubber, as vibration buffering materials. After installation, check the levelness of the rack, and the deviation must be controlled below 2mm.

2. Key points of installation process of bearing and eccentric shaft

Before installing the eccentric shaft and bearing, the sliding bearing needs to be researched and matched first, then put it into the sliding bearing seat, and test it with a level measuring instrument. Only when the test result meets the requirements can the eccentric shaft be installed on the bearing . Then apply the red lead powder on the journal to judge whether the fit between the shaft and the bearing is reasonable. If there are too many high points on the surface of the sliding bearing, scrape and grind until there are no high points. Finally, apply an appropriate amount of lubricating oil between the bearing and the housing to reduce shaft wear.

Note that after the eccentric shaft is installed, the contact area with the frame should not be less than 80%, and the gap in the middle should be less than 0.07mm.

3. Key points of installation process of connecting rod

After the front parts are installed, the connecting rod can be installed. Before installation, check the location where it needs to be installed, and after the inspection is correct, lift the connecting rod and clean it with gasoline or kerosene. After cleaning, apply a layer of grease on its surface. If conditions permit, you can directly assemble the connecting rod and main shaft parts outside, and hoist it into the frame with a crane.

After installation, it is found that there is oil leakage during the trial inspection. If it is caused by the loose fit between the upper casing of the connecting rod and the gasket in the middle of the connecting rod, it is necessary to process the gasket or install a new gasket.

4. Key points of bracket installation process

The installation of the toggle plate of the jaw crusher is to repeat the process of dismantling the toggle plate in reverse. The disassembly of the old version: first loosen the nut of the pull rod spring, then remove the spring, and then tie the lower part of the movable jaw with a chain or a wire rope, and pull The steel wire rope makes the movable jaw approach the fixed jaw slowly, and the toggle plate will automatically fall.

It should be noted that after adjusting the size of the discharge opening, the spring must be tightened to prevent the toggle plate from falling off during operation.

5. Key points of the installation process of the movable jaw

After the movable jaw, movable jaw shaft, movable tooth plate, toggle plate pad, etc. are assembled outside, the pre-assembled parts are hoisted into the frame by a crane.

For sliding bearings, it is necessary to carry out research and matching of bearings and bearing housings, and then install the sliding bearings. The coaxiality of the sliding bearing assembly should be less than 0.06mm, and the inclination should be guaranteed to be 0.2mm.

6. The key points of the installation process of the gear plate

When installing, bolts or wedges should be used to fix it on the movable jaw or the front wall of the frame, and the contact surface between the two must be kept straight. If there is a high point on the contact surface, it must be dealt with in time , to ensure its tightness. Since the inside of the front wall of the rack is not processed, some aluminum plate gaskets can be used between it and the tooth plate to ensure its tightness.

Key points of jaw crusher installation process

The jaw crusher is installed and tested

Before carrying out the empty test, the pulley must be turned manually to ensure that the operation is not hindered. Carry out the empty test, and abnormal noise, oil leakage at the seal and loose parts should not occur within two hours, and the temperature of the bearing should not exceed 35 degrees. If there is a fault, it must be shut down for maintenance immediately.

If there is no problem in the empty test run, it can be tested for ten hours with a hard mineral load. If the above faults do not occur and the bearing temperature does not exceed 70 degrees, it can be put into production normally.

Key points of jaw crusher installation process

Precautions for operation of jaw crusher

1. Preparation before starting

Before starting the machine, check whether the lubrication system is in good condition; whether all bolts and other parts that need to be fastened are loose; whether the wearable parts are damaged; whether the protective device is in good condition;

2. Daily use and maintenance

After the equipment is in normal operation, the material can be fed evenly to prevent the unilateral increase of the material; when the machine is in normal operation, if the material blocks the crushing chamber, the motor should be turned off immediately, and then restarted after cleaning; the feeding of the material should be stopped before the machine stops , After the material in the crushing chamber is emptied, then turn off the motor and switch.

3. Lubrication system

No matter what kind of equipment, a poor lubrication system will lead to many failures, so you must do a good job of lubrication at ordinary times. The lubricating oil in the bearing seat is recommended to be replaced every three months, and the bearing rollers should be thoroughly cleaned when changing the oil.



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