Precautions for crushers in bad weather

Precautions for crushers in bad weather

Precautions for crushers in bad weather

1. Do a good job of dustproofing. In summer, due to the high temperature and dry air, the dust will increase. Therefore, this aspect is also one of the problems that need to be paid attention to when the cone crusher is used in summer. Due to the upgrade of environmental protection, some equipments have upgraded the dustproof system, which reduces the probability of downtime due to dust, but it cannot be ignored. For this reason, the fixing bolts of the dustproof sealing slip ring should be checked regularly to prevent dustproof sealing. And the slip ring falls off, causing a large amount of dust and ore to enter the body, causing the crusher to be scrapped or major economic losses.

2. The necessary cooling device can increase the rate. Due to the temperature in summer, the ambient temperature is high, and the workload of the cone crusher is very large, and it is easy to generate a large amount of heat, resulting in a rapid increase in the local temperature of some parts, which may cause the corresponding parts to be burned, resulting in equipment damage. The damage will affect the efficiency of the crushing operation. Therefore, according to the specific situation, it can be considered to install corresponding cooling devices for some components with high heat generation, which can fundamentally avoid the damage of components, reduce the number of downtimes, and improve the production efficiency of the equipment.

3. Use of lubricating oil. The high temperature in summer tends to thin the lubricating oil and reduce the viscosity, which makes the lubrication effect of the cone crusher equipment worse, and increases the friction between the various parts of the equipment, which can easily accelerate the wear of the equipment and the temperature accumulation. Accelerated deterioration of the problem. Therefore, it is very important to choose high-quality lubricating oil with higher viscosity and lower melting point in summer, and regularly check the lubricating effect of lubricating oil to ensure timely replacement of lubricating oil.



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