Second-hand mine crushing equipment

Second-hand mine crushing equipment

Sources of second-hand mountain crushing equipment

1. Retired equipment

Since the development of mine crushing equipment, in order to ensure the production efficiency of the factory or increase production, many stone factories will retire a batch of equipment and repurchase equipment with higher production capacity. Then the retired equipment can be re-flowed into the market in the form of second-hand .

2. Mine crushing equipment provided by leasing companies

In order to meet the short-term business in the market, the leasing industry has also emerged. Leasing companies often provide second-hand mine crushing equipment, which will not cause too much economic burden on users.

3. Transfer

Due to various reasons, the equipment that is no longer needed by the raw stone factory will be transferred to the next user in the form of second-hand transfer, and the general price is determined through negotiation between the two parties.

Second-hand mine crushing equipment

The difference between new machine and second-hand equipment

1. Price

Obviously, the price of new machines is often higher than that of second-hand equipment. The price of second-hand equipment depends on how old it is, and it is often sold at a discount of 20% to 20%.

2. Performance

After all, second-hand equipment is an old machine that has been used for a certain period of time. According to the length of use and wear and tear, the performance will be compromised to varying degrees.

3. Sales channels

New machines are generally sold directly by manufacturers, and there are also a small number of agents; while second-hand mine crushing equipment is mostly sold by individual commercial s.

4. Type and model

The new machines of various manufacturers are mass-produced, with a wide variety and complete models. Second-hand equipment is all equipment collected by various parties, basically with limited types and incomplete models.

Occupancy rate and demand rate of second-hand mine crushing equipment

The market share of second-hand mine crushing equipment is actually very low, which is mainly affected by the region and richness. It is difficult to collect second-hand equipment. The original manufacturers of the machines are different, and the parts are not uniform, so maintenance and replacement are also difficult. , although there are relatively few large second-hand dealers, there are many small ones.

In the eyes of pragmatists, the outer packaging and added value of the product are useless. They pay more attention to the practicability of the product. For example, as for the crusher, as long as the product is durable, the output meets the standard, and the failure rate is low, why not What about buying second-hand? The use is not much different from the new machine, the price is even lower, and many advantages such as availability in stock have become a representative of high cost performance. Such second-hand crushers are in short supply in the market and have become the key target of many users.



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