What are the models of four-toothed roller crushers?

What are the models of four-toothed roller crushers?

Four-toothed roll crusher is very popular in coal, coke, chemical raw materials and other industries. Because the four-toothed roller crusher can undertake the crushing operation of the humidity below 30%, medium hardness or soft materials, and has a large crushing ratio, stable output, and ecological environmental protection, which can meet the work needs of these industries.

When you purchase a four-toothed roller crusher, you usually hear a certain model of equipment recommended by the merchant. Have you ever thought about which models it has for us to choose from?

1. Specifications and models of the four-toothed roller crusher

Taking the technical parameters of a manufacturer selling four-toothed roller crushers as an example, comparing the common specifications and models of four-toothed roller crushers, it can be seen that when everyone chooses the equipment model, it is actually in accordance with the particle size of the incoming and outgoing materials required by their own materials. , production capacity, power, equipment protection mode and transmission mode, etc. for matching.

In fact, even without this table, the boss who is familiar with the four-toothed roller crusher can know the general information of the equipment by looking at the model.

Take 4PG0809CT (Y) as an example, 4 stands for four rolls, P means crusher, G means roll type, 08 means the diameter of the roll is 800mm, 09 means the width of the roll is 900mm, C stands for toothed roll, T (Y) means that the protection method of the equipment is spring protection (hydraulic protection).

From the model parameters of the equipment, we can see that the crushing ratio of the four-toothed roller crusher is very large, and no matter whether the feed particle size is 120mm or 700mm, the output particle size can be controlled between 2-20mm. This is very different from other crushers, whose output particle size will change with the input particle size.

So why? It is also necessary to start with the working principle of the four-toothed roller crusher.

What are the models of four-toothed roller crushers?

2. Working principle of four-toothed roller crusher

If you have seen the structure diagram of the four-toothed roller crusher, you will find that it is a combination of two double-toothed roller crushers. In this way, the first double-toothed roller crusher undertakes the task of primary crushing, and its output becomes the input material of the second double-toothed roller crusher, and the second toothed-roller crusher undertakes the secondary crushing task.

Therefore, the double-toothed roller crushers in the upper stage are generally equipped with olecranon-like roller teeth, which mainly play a role in crushing. The equipment in the lower stage can use roller teeth of different shapes according to the material properties and crushing requirements to ensure that the output meets our product requirements.

The upper and lower parts of the toothed roller can be adjusted independently. The adjustment of the upper part allows it to meet the various feed particle sizes within the regulations, and the adjustment of the lower part controls the particle size of the output. It is also equipped with a spring or hydraulic protection system. When materials with high hardness are mixed in, the movable tooth roller can automatically retreat to avoid equipment damage.



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